Veri Shades

A Fusion of Sheer Luxury.


Veri Shades for Sliding Doors, Bi Fold Doors & Large Windows.

If you’re looking to elevate your room to sheer luxury, then Veri Shades is what your room needs.

This modern substitute for curtains and blinds will transform your space without having to substitute style with functionality. Veri Shade blinds are versatile, as they look like blinds but function like curtains.

They are an innovative design, with sheer elegance to make your room look modern and fresh.

Why you should choose Veri Shades at Sunrise Blinds?

  • You won’t sacrifice style for functionality, as Veri Shade curtains are modern and chic.
  • Veri Shades look like vertical blinds but feel and look like curtains.
  • Fabrics are soft, durable, resistant to fading, and of high quality, with fluid movements while hanging.
  • Because they’re resistant to fading, your furniture will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • These beautiful shades are perfect for any room or office with large windows or sliding doors and are low maintenance. Even your pets and kids are safe!
  • Easy to clean! You can clip off the sections that need cleaning or remove the whole thing if you feel it’s necessary.
Veri Shades in Cairns

A wand easily controls Veri Shades, so if you need more light, just twist the wand and let the light shine through! You get to experience privacy and shade with this top-rated product and get to float amongst the clouds from its soft, airiness texture.

Try something new and upgrade your room with Veri Shades. At Sunrise Blinds, we will help you make your home look like a page out of a lifestyle magazine! Just by replacing your curtains or blinds with Veri Shades, you will give your home a new modern look. There’s a style for everyone!

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