5 Perfect Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

When you want to make your sliding doors the main attraction of your home, it’s important to find the right window coverings to go with them. These types of doors can be stunning in design and offer plenty of natural light and fresh air during the day, but at night and during bad weather, they could leave you feeling exposed, vulnerable, and cold.

With the right selection of window coverings for sliding glass doors, however, you can enjoy the benefits of having them all year long. Here are some of the best window coverings for sliding doors to consider this year!

1. Window Screens

Many homeowners overlook window screens, which offer more benefits than meets the eye. Beyond keeping critters out of your home, window screens can also cut down on air conditioning costs by allowing fresh air in during warmer months.

Another key benefit is that they’re easy to install and relatively inexpensive, making them a great choice for renters or condo owners who don’t have control over their building’s exterior features. While we always recommend hiring a professional to ensure proper installation, most homeowners can handle screen replacement themselves.

2. Vertical Blinds

In an effort to block sunlight and create a safe environment, many homeowners choose vertical blinds or shutters for their sliding glass doors. A good option if you’re looking to keep sunlight from reaching your floors, these blinds come in three types: wood (full), wood (half), and aluminium.

Depending on which style you choose, a set of modern sliding glass door blinds can run anywhere from $100-$350. Because they are lightweight, easy to install, and require no tools, a DIY job is both plausible and relatively inexpensive.

Plus, vertical blinds won’t take up any floor space! Simply roll them up or down depending on whether you want to let light in or keep it out.

3. Roman Shades

A great affordable option, Roman shades are a popular way to dress up your home. They are simple and elegant, available in many styles, fabrics, and colours. You can use them to make existing windows look more elegant or cover entire rooms to achieve privacy from prying eyes on busy streets.

Roman shades are also easy to install and maintain. The fabric needs no special care, but you need expert help to ensure that it doesn’t fall off during strong winds. Roman shades often come in two pieces that get installed vertically or horizontally across a window opening, which will block sunlight and give you control over how much light gets in through a partially open shade.

There are many reasons to choose Roman shades over other types of door coverings. But if you’re trying to buy new shades and want to know which type is best, it comes down to a few things.

Room Size. Consider what size room you’re covering with a Roman shade—bigger rooms will require larger shades.

Light or Dark. Think about how light or dark a room already is, and make sure that it fits with how light or dark you want your Roman shades to be.

Air Conditioning. And finally, factor in whether you have air conditioning in that room. If you do, white-lined Roman shades won’t give you as much insulation during those hot summer months. Plus, they tend to be less thick than other options.

4. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made from very thin fabric and are designed to allow as much light as possible to pass through them. These types of curtains can have varying degrees of transparency, depending on their opacity and other factors like thread count and weave pattern.

For example, voile is considered a very transparent fabric, while burlap is extremely opaque, so it is not typically used for decorative purposes. Many people prefer sheer curtains because they don’t block out sunlight like heavier drapes do.

Ideally, you want to install sheer curtains in front of a big picture window to let the light shine through. If you want privacy, use another layer of curtains behind them, or hang a curtain with a darker colour behind sheer curtains. A curtain’s length should be short enough that it stops at least a foot above floor level to avoid blocking natural light.

5. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are also one of the best window coverings for sliding doors. But why should you choose them?

For one, they’re affordable. Most homeowners who need window treatments tend to focus on something like mini roller blinds because they’re pocket-friendly. But take note that they don’t block out as much light or offer as much privacy. So, be sure that you consider your requirements first before anything else.

On top of that, roller blinds have a vintage look that won’t clash with any interior design aesthetic you may have. You can even add another layer of insulation to your sliding glass doors by installing blackout roller blinds, which are available in various patterns and colours.

If you want something that blocks out as much light as possible but still lets some natural light through (so as not to damage furniture or carpeting), opt for blackout shades.

Invest in the Best Window Coverings for Sliding Doors!

Sliding glass doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to bring the outside in and create extra living space in your home. But with the best window coverings for sliding doors, you can enhance the appeal that these doors bring. Plus, you can easily customise the look of your room and maximise the natural light that comes through your home’s windows.

And if you need modern sliding glass door blinds or any types of coverings for sliding doors, reach out to the team at Sunrise Blinds. We custom-make shutters, blinds, and shades in Australia, so you are sure to find the best window covering that meets your specific needs.

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