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Sunrise Blinds Automated Solutions

Sunrise Blinds offers the top products available in motorized blinds, shades and curtains. They’re gorgeous, easy to use, safe and super convenient. No more dangerous cords, no more hassles.

On a beautiful sunny day in our beautiful sunny Queensland, you can hear the birds chirping. It’s Sunrise. As you are waking up to this beautiful day you might want to laze around a little longer.. Perhaps you are ready and can’t wait for the day to start. Whichever it is, your remote or voice control blinds will help you enter this new sunny day the way you have in mind!Automatic blinds can be programmed for specific times on specific days through the use of hubs or by the use of fashionably designed remote controls from some of the leading automated window solutions companies.

Opt for Motorised Blinds


Artistic touch with Sunrise Blinds!

Driven by a desire to innovate, we create versatile automatic blinds combined with an unmatched style tailored to your needs. Sunrise Blinds lets you complement your interior design with our locally sourced unique window blinds.

Easy to Use and Safe

Know Safety! No Accidents!

Sunrise Blinds provide maximum safety with our cordless design motorised blinds. With just a touch of a button from a remote control, you can direct the electric blinds to their position. No more danger from loose cords and chains; this is how we provide a safe haven for your family.

High Quality

Relive Your Home with Sunrise Blinds!

We spare no time and effort in offering you exceptional motorised blinds. All our window blinds are proven and tested to accentuate existing home decorations at a fair price. Because with us, your home deserves a transformation like no other, but still at its most realistic cost.

Super Convenient

Program the Blinds to Your Convenience!

Our automatic blinds come with remote control from top-notch automated window solutions companies. With them, we created the most sought-after feature of blinds—programmable remote control. And yes, any time and any day, you can control them to your preferred blind’s position.

If you live in Cairns up to Palm Cove or Port Douglas, give Sunrise a call and get a free consultation and free measurement! We’re your motorized blinds installation specialists! Automatic Blinds – A beautiful way to control your blinds.

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